Brooks Chapel United Methodist Church

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Joining the Church

One who wishes to join Brooks Chapel United Methodist Church may do so in a number of ways: by transfer of membership (from another UM church), by letter (from a church of a different denomination), or by profession of faith.  

In any case, baptism is a prerequisite because it is an outward sign that one has acknowledged the inward grace of God working in one's life and has committed oneself to a life of service.  If one has received Christian baptism, we recognize and affirm this baptism--regardless of where or how it was administered.  If one hasn't been baptized, we offer the sacrament by immersion, affusion (pouring), or aspersion (sprinkling).  

Membership vows must also be taken in a congregational setting, because the Church is the body of believers; thus to join a congregation is necessarily a communal act and celebration.

If you have further questions or would like more information, feel free to contact the pastor 


We rejoice when two lives are joined together as one, and would love the opportunity to celebrate your special day with you.  We welcome you to use our facilities, bearing in mind the following:

Any request for usage of the church building or ground by a non-member will require an "active" member to sponsor the event and be present at all activities.

The couple to be married must contact the pastor at least 30 days prior to the desired date of the event; wedding will not be conducted in the church building without the consent of the pastor, and without having met with the pastor for at least 1 counseling session.  

Any couple requesting another pastor must consult Brooks Chapel's pastor, who may make arrangements with the visiting pastor.  Regardless, the United Methodist ritual will be used in the ceremony and Brooks Chapel's pastor will conduct the rehearsal.

The marriage license must be presented to the pastor at the time of the rehearsal.

If music is to be used during the ceremony, sacred music is encouraged.  There is to be no tampering with the sound system without approval. 

Fees for building use, for non-members, are: $50 for the sanctuary, $50 for the fellowship hall (rehearsal), and $50 for the fellowship hall (reception).  Fees don't apply to members or relatives of members.

Additional guidelines for building use also apply.  For questions about these or any of our policies, contact the pastor